Barriers To Education

According to UNESCO  there are currently 250 million out of school children and youth (an increase of 6 million from 2021.

This total includes 69.9 million of primary school age (an increase of almost 11 million from 2018); 59.1 million of lower secondary school age (a decrease of almost 3 million from 2018) and 121.5 million of secondary school age (a decrease of 16.5 million from 2018).

Education 4 Everyone’s Barriers to Education Project is geared towards younger audiences because the children that we can engage with and motivate now will be, in fifteen years’ time or possibly more when we are in the final battle to help every child go to school, the business people, the educators and the political leaders who can make universal education happen if they are educated on the barriers which currently prevent it.

Education 4 Everyone supports projects around the world, both in developed and developing countries, which are working to remove barriers to education in the areas they operate in. Support may include, building a new classroom, paying the salary for a new teacher, or supplying educational materials and uniforms for pupils.  Examples of previous projects we have supported include:

  • Providing a tarmac playground for a primary school in Uganda.  This meant that the children did not inhale dust whilst playing which in turn reduced illness and increased school attendance.
  • Providing a mains electricity connection to a primary school in Kenya to allow the school to introduce ICT and internet facilities to expand the children’s learning.
  • Providing basic school supplies (paper, pens and pencils) to another school in Kenya as well as a grant for a photocopier to enable them to reproduce worksheets and test papers for their pupils more efficiently and at a lower cost allowing them to redirect funds to other learning goals.

The map below shows the countries Education 4 Everyone is currently working in.


We are supporting a school on the edge of the Masai Mara in Kenya in association with the owners of Fisi Camp. We are raising money to build a new learning centre for the school which will be a combined library and ICT centre.
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In 2023 we supported Ormskirk West End Primary School  in Lancashire with a donation of equipment to help with their STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) teaching.

We plan to make further donations of equipment to this school as and when funds permit.


One of the Trustees of Education 4 Everyone lives in Bangladesh and current works in the country’s education system.

Upon his retirement in 2026 he will take the lead as we expand our work into Bangladesh utilising his local knowledge and experience.